30 April 2009

Cowl Neck Top

Pattern: Cut from an existing top that was too small. This top was made bigger and longer than the original.

29 April 2009


Pattern: My Design
I used my son's attachment to this toy and bib to make him a "Bug".

I combined what he loves the most from the toy and bib - the legs and the toweling.

I added some stretchy fleece hair, fluffy eyes, a nose and mouth, and a tail that can be used to tie it to the pram so it wont be lost.

So I came up with what we affectionately call "Bug", who is already very well loved.

27 April 2009

Kinder Boys

Pattern: Kinder Boys by Ric Rac.
These guys were made for two of my favourite people who are celebrating 12 years together.

Neatly packed in their suitcases are boardshorts, hats and towels for the beach...

a business shirt, pants and a tie for formal occasions...

and flannelette pyjamas with knitted bed socks.

One of the boys has a backpack to carry his camera, zoom lens, magazines and books...

and the other has a satchel to carry his laptop, magazines and books.

24 April 2009

Quilted Sleep Sack

Pattern: McCalls pattern (4236)
Same as these sleep sacks I made, but this one has a layer of pelon for warmth.

16 April 2009

Animal Magnets

Pattern: My Design
I made these magnets to please my magnet-assessed kids. I used a basic circle as a starting point, then morphed it into each animal. I liked the idea of combining material and felt for texture, so each animal has a felt feature. They are lightly stuffed with polyfil so they are soft and easy to grab, and have a little magnet sewed on the inside back so they are chew-friendly.

They have been well received...

14 April 2009

Summer Sleep Sacks

Pattern: McCalls pattern (4236)
The pattern says to use stretch knits and the edges are finished off by turning and hemming. I decided to use cotton for the main fabric and flannelette for the lining. I also added a fabric back behind the zipper, a snap button at the top of the zipper and used bias binding to hem the sleeves and armholes.

13 April 2009

Fabric Letters

Pattern: My Design
I made some fabric letters for my friend's daughters for their birthday. The letters as 7cm tall and stuffed with a little bit of wadding.

11 April 2009

Easter Magnets

Pattern: My Design
Easter rabbit and a carrot, handsewn using felt. A magnet is sewn into the back on the inside.