16 December 2012

13 December 2012

Dress up Ears

Project: Dress up ears
These match the tail.

06 December 2012

iPad Bag

Project: iPad Bag
With a pocket on the front for headphones.

26 October 2012

Pink Bug

Pattern: My Design
Apparently pink in the new blue!

18 October 2012

Play Mat

Project: a farm themed play mat

29 August 2012

Dead Cat for Microphone

Project: a Dead Cat for microphone
FYI - when referring to a microphone accessory, a dead cat is a windshield designed for minimising any wind noise when recording in high wind conditions.


22 August 2012

Dress Up Tail

Project: an easy to get on and off tail for dress up

21 August 2012


Pattern: Lincraft Back to School #1016
15 of these made for Kinder - 10 x size 6 and 5 x size 8.... a huge job!
The pattern was altered so they open at the back.

Other smocks here...

15 August 2012

Little High Flyers

Pattern: Little High Flyers from Make it Perfect
Some denim high flyers.... for my girl! 

22 July 2012

Wash Bags

Project: Wash Bags
Seven wash bags made from a $4.40 curtain material remnant and zippers from a garage sale.

19 July 2012

Hospital Baby Gowns

Pattern: Hospital Baby Gowns from Miracle Babies
A couple of tiny dresses for a little girl who arrived earlier than expected.

13 July 2012

Doona Cover

Project: Doona cover for my girl
I bought the length of dog fabric chosen by my daughter and sewed a sheet along each edge to make a doona cover. I used the offcuts to make a matching pillow case.

25 June 2012


Pattern: My Design
More of these...

13 June 2012


Pattern: Horsey Horse & Unicorn by Funky Friend's Factory
Another one....

09 June 2012

Knitted Possum

Pattern: Wildlife in 8 Ply by Cleckheaton
A chocolate possum with rainbow ears for my girl.

04 June 2012

Doll's Nappies

Recycled:  Towels
Into: Nappies for a baby doll

02 June 2012

Urban Weekender Coat

Pattern: Urban Weekender Coat by Heidi & Finn 

28 April 2012

Felt Cakes

Pattern: Based on Cakes by Design by Felt Cuisine 
Some cakes to have for afternoon tea for the Kinder Boys.

23 April 2012

A Green Scarf

Project: a "geen" (aka green) scarf for my girl
I put a hole about a third of the way from one end so she can thread the scarf through itself to help it stay around her neck.

05 April 2012