23 May 2009

Birthday Cakes

Occasion: 1st Birthday
Because the kids can't yet tell us what cake they's like for their first birthday, we tried to imagine what they'd choose if they could. They have lots of toys but each have a favourite.... Horse and Bug. So the decision was made.

A Horse Cake and a Bug Cake.

20 May 2009

Cot Danglies

Pattern: My Design
These danglies are to be hung on the kids' cots. They are each a different shape, have a different texture so they are interesting to touch and are filled with wadding. I sewed a wipes packet into the square to get a crinkly feel.

I put elastic in the cord so they can be pulled and will bounce back, and they are attached to the cot with a big bit of velcro that needed a man's strength to break (yes, we tested this!). They are just a simple little thing, but they do the job!

08 May 2009

Swim Bag

Tutorial: Wet Bag Tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets
A vinyl lined bag to carry your wet bathers. The bag is 35cm x 26cm with a heavy cotton outer and vinyl lining. I added a zipper pocket on the front for Mum to put her keys, phone, spare change, etc and a loop so it is easy to carry.

05 May 2009

Refashion: Shirt to Dress

Refashioned: A man's shirt
Into: A girl's dress
Tutorial: The Shirt Dress by made
While the dress looks OK, it's shape is all wrong! The body is too skinny, the neck is too wide and the armholes are too small. Maybe I mucked up the measurements? I didn't have my niece with me so I think next time, it would help to have the actual body present to get accurate measurements and have fittings along the way. And removing the pockets was not a good move.