16 February 2010

14 February 2010

Recycled: Tagusaurus

Recycled: My kids' old fleece blankets
Into: A child's toy
Pattern: My Design
Made from recycled fleece blanket and ribbons, this pleased my tag obsessed nephew!

12 February 2010

Refashion: Fairy Dress Up

Refashioned: 1 lady's dress, 1 lady's skirt, 1 boy's shorts, 1 pair grey stockings and a set of broken fairy wings
Into: A fairy dress up costume for my boy

07 February 2010

My Craft Cupboard

Project: Craft Cupboard
Idea: Amanda Blake Soule in The Creative Family
This has changed my life!

06 February 2010

Small Slouch Bag

Pattern: Small Slouch from Nicole Mallalieu
The fishes fabric are a Thea & Sami design, Loads of Fishes.

02 February 2010

A flashlight bag

Pattern: My Design
My niece wanted a flashlight for her 3rd birthday. I bought her a small, heavy duty one and made a carry case so it can be worn around her neck for easy access while exploring.