30 July 2010

Recycled: Safety Goggles

Recycled: an old pair of sunglasses from the Op Shop
Into: a pair of safety googles!
After my boy was given some store bought safety goggles, my girl put her order in. So I refashioned this pair of sunglasses bought from the Op Shop. I removed the glass and arms, coloured in the logo, threaded a ring through the screw hole and attached some elastic. And they worked a treat!

27 July 2010

Refashion: Gathered neck top

Refashioned: a man's shirt (at least I think it was a man's shirt!)
Into: a women's top
Tutorial: Peasant Blouse by Made by Lex

20 July 2010

13 July 2010

12 July 2010

Portable DVD Player Carry Bag

Pattern: My Design
As it will be moved around a bit, I made a padded carry bag for our portable DVD player. It has 3 compartments - one for each screen and one for all the cables. It is padded using old towels and has a solid base using 3mm plywood.

10 July 2010

Fleece Kids Hats

Tutorial: Pom Pom Hat from Nicole Mallalieu
As the kids are a bit too little to make pom poms just yet, they helped me cut the strips for tassels instead.

08 July 2010

Magic Wands

Project: Wooden Magic Wands
Made using wooden stars cut by my Dad many, many years ago, nailed onto pieces of dowl. Then decorated by the kids with textas, sparkling pipecleaners and fairy dust (aka glitter). And there is some ribbon stapled on the back too.

04 July 2010

Kids' Pants

Pattern: Burda 9828 (Tool kneepads)
Pattern: Knit'n'Stitch (Cat kneepads)
It's best to check the length of the pants before sewing on the kneepads.... or they might become anklepads!

More pants....