22 September 2011

Laptop Sleeve

Project: Laptop Sleeve
I used a basic boxed corner to make this laptop sleeve. It is lined with 2mm rubber which gives a solid but thin padding to protect the laptop. The owner was happy with black so long as I used red stitching, so I used bright red cotton for the lining as well.

16 September 2011

Chair Covers

Project: Chair Covers
These chair road-side finds are awesome..... too awesome for grubby hands to ruin so I made two covers that are easily removed and very washable to protect the chair fabric.

Covered Chair / Original chair / Covered chair / Covered chair with kidlet seat

02 September 2011

Man Purse

Project: A small wallet/purse for a man
Pattern: My Design
I have a small purse that lives in my handbag and has bits and pieces for minor emergencies. I wanted to make something similar for my husband so I came up with this man-ly type wallet. It has two zipper pockets and folds together with two snaps.