23 August 2014

Saturn the Alien

Project: Saturn the Alien
Another custom made alien.... a friend for Galax!

20 August 2014

I Spy Bags

Project: I Spy Bags
More of these...

18 August 2014

Reversible Aprons

Project: Reversible Aprons
One side is for a doctor or nurse, the other can be for cooking.

More medical dress ups here....
More aprons here....

16 August 2014

Dress Up Tails

Project: Dress Up Tails

Click for more tails ...

12 August 2014

Dorothy the Dalmatian

Pattern: Dorothy the Dalmatian in 'Make Your Own Misfits' by Bobby Dazzler
My 6yo son helped me cut and stitch this fella, then he added the dots, just how he wanted them. He also renamed him "Woof".