30 March 2011

Apron & Oven Mit

Project: Apron and oven mit
Ready for pretend play and helping in a real kitchen.

17 March 2011

Cushion Covers

Project: A birthday present for Grandma
Using fabric marking crayons, the kids drew a picture of Grandma and Pop (in his ute) on linen. I then used this picture to make a pair of cushion covers for Grandma's birthday.

15 March 2011

Wizard Things

Project: Make some things needed by a young wizard
My magical father-in-law made a wand for a young wizard. It has a button, hidden in a knot in the wood, that when pushed, lights up an LED the end of the wand. It is very cool! He wanted a case for the wand to be stored when it wasn't needed for spells.

To go with the wand and wand case, there is also a magic journal with the wizard's initial and a bag just like Hermione's in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am still working on how to add the undetectable extension charm!

All a young wizard needs.....

11 March 2011


Pattern: My Design
Another few Tagusauruses

10 March 2011

Shell Purse

Pattern: Shell Purse from Nicole Mallalieu
(made as pattern test)
Another beautiful pattern from Nicole. Once again, her pattern has detailed instructions with lots of photos and helpful hints. There are several options when making the purse, giving you the choice to keep it simple or fancy it up. The frame is attached using beads, something I haven't done before, which finishes off the purse beautifully.