22 December 2014

Emergency Pencilcase

Project: Emergency Pencilcase
Something for the kids to do when you need them to sit still for a few minutes!

17 November 2014

Jupiter the Alien

Project: Jupiter the Alien
Another custom made alien.... a friend for Galax and Saturn!

16 November 2014

Fox tail, ears and tummy

Project: Fox dress up

Click for more tails ... 

07 November 2014

Dog Costume

Pattern: McCalls Costumes 8953
I made the tail detachable in case she wants to change it from a dog to another animal. Also have plans to make a waistband so the tail can be worn on its own.

Dalmatian Dress Up Tail

Project: Dress Up Tails

Click for more tails ...

02 October 2014

Hand-painted Cushion Covers

Project: cushion covers
The front is hand-painted with designs by kids. The back is super soft coral fleece.

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01 October 2014

Cushion Covers

Project: cushion covers

More cushion covers here....

23 August 2014

Saturn the Alien

Project: Saturn the Alien
Another custom made alien.... a friend for Galax!

20 August 2014

I Spy Bags

Project: I Spy Bags
More of these...

18 August 2014

Reversible Aprons

Project: Reversible Aprons
One side is for a doctor or nurse, the other can be for cooking.

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16 August 2014

Dress Up Tails

Project: Dress Up Tails

Click for more tails ...

12 August 2014

Dorothy the Dalmatian

Pattern: Dorothy the Dalmatian in 'Make Your Own Misfits' by Bobby Dazzler
My 6yo son helped me cut and stitch this fella, then he added the dots, just how he wanted them. He also renamed him "Woof".

28 July 2014

Galax the Alien

Project: Please Mum, make an alien from my drawing
My son drew an alien and I did my best to replicate it. There is a magnet in each hand.

19 July 2014

23 June 2014

All in One Pencil Case and Kid-Sized Satchel

Project:  All in One Pencil Case and Kid-Sized Satchel

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21 June 2014

All in One Pencil Case

Project: All in One Pencil Case
More of these....

22 May 2014

Zipper Pouch

Tutorial: Easy Zippy Pouches by Dog Under My Desk

27 January 2014

Australia Day Dress and Skirt

Dress Pattern: Simplicity
Skirt Pattern: My mum's design!
These were for my daughter and I to wear to an fun Australia Day event.

15 January 2014

Doll Sling

Pattern: Doll's Sling from Creative Play for your Toddler
A plain one for the new owner to decorate.

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14 January 2014

Bike Bag

Project: Bike Bag
A carrier for a Baby doll on a bike. Also known as a Scooter Bag.

13 January 2014

Repaired: Baby Doll

Repaired: a baby doll that belongs to a young friend
her head was removed, she was unstuffed, washed, soaked in Nappysan, washed, cleaned, head put back on and restuffed.
These are some before and after shots...

An earlier baby doll repair.....

01 January 2014

Utensils Pocket

Project: Utensils Pocket
After being out and needing a knife or spoon too many times, I made this to live in our car's glovebox.