28 December 2010

Sunglasses Case

Project: Embroidered Sunglasses Cases
Another couple of these. I asked the kids to draw Nanny and Pa and embroidered their pictures onto one side of the case. Embroidered pictures are very cool.

27 December 2010

Kids' Vest

Pattern: Kids' Vest from Make it Perfect Book

26 December 2010

Notebook & Pens

Project: A handmade present suitable for men and women, and for those people who have everything!
After I made these for the kids, I had an idea to do something similar for grownups. These hold an A5 notebook and have pockets for 4 pens.

24 December 2010

Sunglasses Case

Tutorials: Flex Frame Purses by Nicole Mallalieu & Puffy Pouch by Pink Penguin
I used these two tutorials to make these sunglasses cases.

23 December 2010

Snug As A Bug PJs

Pattern: Snug As A Bug PJs from Make it Perfect Book
The pattern is for the PJ bottoms so I bought plain t.shirts and added the lion to match.

22 December 2010

21 December 2010

Cupcake Dress

Pattern: Cupcake Dress from Make it Perfect Book
One for my girl and one for my niece.

20 December 2010

All in One Pencil Case

Project: A Pencil case that has everything a kidlet needs to keep them entertained
Inspired by: On The Go Satchel from Lovely Little Sweetpeas and Pencil Roll Tutorial from You Go Girl
I loved this idea - to take to places when kids need something to do. These have a pocket to hold an A5 notebook, raised pockets for 10 textas and a pair of scissors, and elastic that holds a glue stick.

19 December 2010


Project: a bunting for a new baby girl's bedroom

Another bunting here...

14 December 2010

Tool Belt

Project: Make a tool belt for my niece
I based this on a bought one my kids have. It is made from webbing and velcro.

12 December 2010

Kid-Sized Satchel

Project: Make a Simple Satchel Bag for Kids

04 December 2010

Transport T.Shirts

Project: Add something to plain T.Shirts
Because everything in our house is about machines and transport, it made sense (and it made my kids very happy) to have a digger and dump truck on their tops. The train is for my nephew. They designs are in felt and are machine sewed on.

03 December 2010

Dragon Handbag

Pattern: Hybrid of the Make Up Purse and Laptop Bag Pattern from Nicole Mallalieu
After getting a wishlist from my friend, I combined bits from both patterns to make this bag. The fabric is a beautiful silk from China which was leftover from a dress she had made while on holidays. Now she has a handbag to match.

30 November 2010

Pink Back Spider

Project: Make a spider for my niece
My niece loves all things creepy crawly, especially spiders..... except at night. So to try and help her worries of spiders coming into her bedroom, I made this super friendly Pink Back Spider who will tell all the unfriendly spiders to go away.

26 November 2010

Peg Fairies

Project: Make fairies using dolly pegs
These are the kids' versions of Tinkerbell and Terence. They chose the colours and decorated the wings. I cut and glued. They stuck. The fairies are hung above their beds with the stars.

24 November 2010

Kids' Hats

Pattern: Kids' Hat by Nicole Mallalieu
Take 2 of my boy's much loved hat to replace the one that was lost. It took some fancy patchwork to be able to use the scraps I had left of the astronaut fabric.

23 November 2010

Recycled: Pen Holders

Recycled: a couple of tins
Into: a couple of pen holders
Made by the kids for their Dad's birthday.

18 November 2010

Sock Puppet

Project: Make a puppet from a sock
This is craft at its rawest!
A sock + two googly eyes + a bead + a tassel + some felt = Jill the Sock Puppet who - not surprisingly - has a tendency to lick everything!

16 November 2010

Lacing Cards

Project: Lacing cards
I made these cards so the kids to start sewing with me. The cards are made using really heavy cardboard and a hole-puncher. To thread, the kids used wool and wool needles.

14 November 2010

Modifed Laptop Bag

Pattern: Modified Laptop Bag Pattern from Nicole Mallalieu
My sister has a favourite bag that is very tired so she asked for a new bag for her birthday. I got her to write a wish list for "her perfect bag" and managed to incorporate all her requests, albeit with some unpicking and resewing... twice! I used Nicole's Laptop Pattern as a base and made changes where needed: a front buckle, webbing straps that run down to the base, a zipper pocket, a clip for keys and two pockets, one just the right size for her phone.

12 November 2010

Knitted Balls

Pattern: Judy's 12-section yarn ball
Soft balls that feel good to touch and can be thrown by kidlets of all ages and strengths, with low risk of damage!

04 November 2010

Guitar Singlets

Project: Make matching singlets
I bought some baby pants and singlets and wanted them to match. So I stitched on guitars because both babies have guitar playing dads.

03 November 2010


Recipe: Homemade Playdough from ecoMILF
Thought it was time for a new batch of playdough.

01 November 2010

Refashion: Toy Dog Collars

Refashioned: a pair of stripey shoelaces
Into: dog collars for toy dogs
A gift for my dog-obsessed niece. My sister and I transformed shoelaces into six different sized dog collars. We sewed on rings from keyrings so that a lead can be clipped on them. Even toy dogs need to be walked.

26 October 2010

Nappy Wallets

Pattern: Boxed Nappy Wallet by Me!
Some more Nappy Wallets for my very pregnant friends.