29 September 2010

Laptop Bag

Pattern: Laptop Bag from Nicole Mallalieu
This bag is for my husband so to "man" it up a bit, I used VERY heavy duty canvas, sewed the webbing into the base so it runs along the edge of the bag, included a 50mm buckle on the strap and added buckles on the front. I divided the inside into two pockets - one for the laptop and one for other stuff. It is lined with corduroy and instead of interfacing, I used 5mm rubber. It gave the bag extra structure and extra padding.

19 September 2010

Fairy Wings

Project: Fairy Wings for Horse and Bug
Using template plastic, we made fairy wings for Horse and Bug. The kids decorated them with textas then sprinkled fairy dust (aka glitter) on them. It was easy to attach Horse's wings using an elastic loop. Bug was a little more challenging, given that he is, well, flat! So his wings stay on using magnets - one on his front and one on the wings at the back.

09 September 2010

Refashion: Art Smocks

Refashioned: two men's raincoats ($1 each from Op Shop)
Into: two waterproof, easy to wipe art smocks
Pattern: Lincraft Back to School #1016 (50c from Op Shop)
I got sick of having to scrub off paint and soak clothes after each painting session!

02 September 2010

Safety Ear Muffs

Project: Safety Ear Muffs
Made using $2 headbands, some foam and felt. The trick was to hot glue gun the headband into the foam.