29 August 2010

Library Bags

Pattern: A simple boxed corner, lined bag
The kids helped me make these by stamping their hand prints on one side and footprints on the other. I then asked them to draw a picture of their face (I drew the circle) then embroidered their names and the picture they drew on the bag. They picked the colour of the fabric I lined the bags with.

27 August 2010


Pattern: My Design
Another three Tagusauruses

20 August 2010

Zipper Purse

Pattern: Make Up Purse from Nicole Mallalieu
I made this one smaller and longer than the original pattern.... just for something different!

09 August 2010

Recycled: Marble Run

Recycled: a couple of cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes
Into: a marble run
It's amazing what you can do with cardboard, sticky tape and a stanley knife!

06 August 2010

Builder Wooden Doll

Design: Inspired by my boy's love of all things tools and building related (and a certain character)
Tutorial: How to Craft a Gnome by Myrtle & Eunice
Extra help & felt: from Trudi at Me & Ewe

05 August 2010

Dog Bone Softie

Pattern: My Design
After reading Hairy Maclary's Bone way too many times to remember, the dogs in our house got their own bones today. I sewed and the kids helped to stuff them.

04 August 2010

Car Sun Shades

Project: Car Sun Shades
Pattern: My Design
After seeing how expensive car sun shades are, I was on a mission to make some. I bought the suction cups for just under $8 at Clark Rubber and the fabric from Ikea for $4. The binding around the edge is made from fabric my stash and the eyelets were from the Op Shop for $1.

02 August 2010

Repaired: Jeans

Repaired: Jeans
This is just one pair of the 5 pairs of jeans I repaired for three out of four family members! All had holes in the knees so I attached a piece of fabric on the back of the knees by stitching across in about 2cm lines. This should give us lots more wear!