28 September 2009

Crown and Cape

Crown Tutorial: My Design
Cape Tutorial: Superhero Cape by Puking Pastilles

17 September 2009

Redwork Quilt Square

Project: The Quilt Project
My contribution to the project was to stitch an image of my family on my quilt square. The idea came from a family photo that I traced to get the design.

14 September 2009

Sock Owl Mobile

Pattern: Owl Mobile by Craft Schmaft
(made as pattern test)

10 September 2009

Hanging Planes

Pattern: My Design
A plane for a friend who is into creepy things.

Another plane here...

04 September 2009

Colouring and Tracing Book

Project: A colouring in and tracing book 

01 September 2009

Refashion: Jumper to Jumper

Refashioned: A man's 100% new wool jumper
Into: A jumper for me
To refashion this jumper, I chopped off the arms, cut across the top just underneath the V collar, took it in at the sides, overlocked around the neckline, took in the sleeves and reattached them. I wanted it to be a bit longer and the sleeves were too short, so I cut up a woollen skirt I had also bought at the Op Shop and added about 12cm to the body length and sleeves. Then I sewed random reverse darts on the front, back and sleeves.