29 March 2010

More Tagusaurus

Tagusaurus 1 is well loved so now there are two more.

22 March 2010

Recycled: Nappies for Bug and Horse

Recycled: A cloth nappy used as a spew rag for my kids
Into: A nappy for Horse and a nappy for Bug

20 March 2010

Recycled: Doll House Renovations

I'm not sure if this is a technically a "recycle" but thought I'd call it that anyway!

Recycled: A doll house
Into: A doll house with doors and window shutters!
The kids' Grandma gave them this doll house for Christmas. After watching the kids play with their cousin's dollhouse that has an opening and closing door (that was opened and closed many, many times!), we decided to do some renovations on this one.

We added shutters to three of the windows and changed one of the windows into a door. We replaced the back of the house with thicker plywood and created another door. And we cut a hole in the middle part of both sides, creating a walkway in between.

17 March 2010

Kids in a frame

Project: A birthday present for Grandma
The kids drew a picture, stamped their handprint and we glued on a photo.

12 March 2010

Toilet Roll Animal Puppets

Project: Animals Puppets
A ridiculous collection of toilet rolls led to some animal craftiness. I drew and cut, the kids decorated.

11 March 2010

Felt Tree

Pattern: My Design
Felt: 100% wool felt, hand-dyed by Trudi

04 March 2010

Repaired: My Baby Doll

Repaired: a baby doll I had when I was young.
She was unstuffed, washed, her head was reshaped using boiling water and restuffed.
These are some before and after shots...

03 March 2010

02 March 2010

Laptop Bag

Pattern: My Design
There are a few things I'd tweak next time... or just use a pattern!