27 December 2009


Design: My Design
A set of 8 placemats.

24 December 2009

Christmas Table Runner

Image Designs: My Mum
Pattern: Friends for Christmas by Sally Gibbon in Australian Homespun Magazine No.62
The images are my Mum's designs, incorporated into a table runner pattern.

Embroidered Drawings

Design: My 2 year old niece
Idea: Amanda Blake Soule in The Creative Family
I embroidered and framed two of my niece's drawings for her for Christmas.

23 December 2009

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pattern: My Design
Something a bit silly... my kids as reindeers on the Christmas Tree.

15 December 2009

Poppy & her puppies

Pattern: Poppy and her Puppies by Audrey & Maude

10 December 2009

Homemade Book: At the Park

Project: A homemade book about my kids at the park
Another book. This book features the kids and their favourite toys at the park. Each page is laminated and has a simple sentence or two, describing what is happening in the photo.

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03 December 2009

Recycled: Musical Shakers

Recycled: A vaccum cleaner hose
Into: Musical shakers

01 December 2009