27 August 2009

Refashion: Jumper to Vest

Refashion: A man's woollen jumper
Into: A vest for me
Inspired by: Gina and Mim
Another woollen jumper from the Op Shop, this time successfully made into something for me. The jumper was dyed using Ebony Black but turned out deep green. I started the refashion with a cut up the front then took the side seams in a little to give it some shape. The collar was then cut down to about half its original size and part of it was used for the front piece with the brooch. The rest of the collar and the sleeves were sewn on the bottom of the vest to give it extra length.

25 August 2009

Kids' Pants

Pattern: Burda 9828
Tutorial: Knee Pad Pants by Dana
I wasn't brave enough to make my own pants pattern like Dana did, but I used her knee pad idea.

20 August 2009

Pram Bag

Pattern: Make Up Purse from Nicole Mallalieu
A present for my sister for the arrival of her son and my nephew. I attached a loop to the purse which attaches to a swivel hook that is attached to webbing that is strapped onto a pram handle. I stitched a girl and boy on the front of the purse to represent her daughter and her new son.

19 August 2009

Brooch Holder

Pattern: My Design
I made this for a friend who has a lot and loves brooches. The idea is that it is a place to pin your brooches so they will not be damaged, and you can see them all before deciding which one to wear.

18 August 2009

Hanging Planes

Pattern: My Design
To be hung in kids' rooms, each plane is on its own ribbon so they can be hung close together or scattered apart, like the stars I made for my kids' bedroom.

10 August 2009

Memory Game

Project: Memory Game in a Pouch
A custom made memory game.

09 August 2009

Poppet Purse

Pattern: The Poppet Purse from Nicole Mallalieu
(made as pattern test)
Because of the swivel hook, taking the handle off changes the bag into a small clutch purse.

04 August 2009

Refashion: Jumper to Pants

Refashion: A man's woollen jumper
Into: A jumper for me, a cardigan for me, then pants for my boy
A woollen jumper from the Op Shop with the plan to make it into a top for me. When I cut it up and sewed it back together, I made it to short. I tried to save it by making it into a cardigan but that still didn't work. So it ended up as pants for my son.